Remember MySpace, everyone? Wait, are you all old enough to know what MySpace was? I’m so old that I never made a MySpace account because I couldn’t figure it out. Thankfully my friends were cool enough to help usher me into the Facebook world circa 2008ish. And that’s still a current and hip thing, ammiright?

Anywho, here’s the current, I’m a mom who still wishes she had her 8 year old self’s bedroom, space. Basically I kicked my hubby out of his office that he obviously didn’t need as much as me, and carved out a little corner of the world for myself that makes me feel like a kid with a brand new trapper keeper and some fresh Lisa Frank stickers. Truth be told, my boys and I share this room so it serves a dual purpose as an office for all of us. (Chris has his space in a dark corner of the guest room- he’s fine, you guys.)


I write here. I lesson plan here. I keep all my classroom books here. I display my favorite cheesy/pretty things here. I yoga here. I use all my fancy Flair Pens here. It is the little things in life, folks. Carve out your space. A corner of the closet. Half of your guest room. That awkward space in your kitchen. Just find your happy spot that lets your creative juices flow like they did when you were a kid! MySpace may not be cool anymore, but your space will never go out of style.



No happy space is complete without your faithful pooch.

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