Hand Washing- Not Just for Epidemics!

Wash your hands like a teacher who just touched a mystery substance...

If you’ve spent any time around kids, whether working in schools or hospitals, or raising your own, you’ve had that moment when your hand has come upon a dreaded mystery wet spot. Sometimes it’s a shoe lace. Usually it’s the sleeve of a jacket. And often times, it’s on your own pants. Is it snot? Is it slobber? Is it pee? The possibilities are frighteningly endless. And when one has encountered said nightmare substance, one scrubs her hands until the skin is begging for mercy. Antibacterial soap, hot water, under the nails…like you are prepping for surgery. This, my friends, is the gold standard of how we should all be washing our hands on the regular. And, our kids should be doing the same.

Funny story. I once had a parent share with me that her son was looking forward to homeschooling the following year because “then he wouldn’t have to wash his hands so much.” That’s right y’all, I am a hand washing freak in my classroom (and home.) We wash hands when we enter the room. We wash hands before meals, after meals, after the playground, after group bathroom breaks. We wash hands all.day.long. And we don’t just save our hand washing for flu season or world wide Coronavirus epidemics. We do it every blessed day.

Might I suggest that we all adopt these practices into our daily lives? Whether you are 2 or 102, consider making hand washing your “thing.” Make it the thing that people complain about you. Make it what your friends make fun of you for. And do it like a teacher who just touched a mystery substance.



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