What’s Heaven Like?

You ever wonder what Heaven is like? Do you ever imagine the endless possibilities of what it could be? Have you ever asked your kids what they picture when they think of Heaven? It’s a real peek into their hearts.

Recently the topic of Heaven came up in our house at bedtime. Here’s what my boys came up with:

In Heaven, you can ask for anything you want and it will appear. You can just shout, “Taco! Rainbow! Football!” And it will just be there.

In Heaven we get to play with all of our dogs and our cat who died. Our family will be there too.

In Heaven the ground and the sky will all be white fluffy clouds. Well, except for all the rainbows.

In Heaven we’ll hear music all the time. 

Bless it all. Their hearts. Their simplicity. Their eternal optimism of what’s to come in life. May we all be like children.

Is this Heaven_



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