Why We Should Approach Exercise Like Kids

Adults call it working out, kids call it playing

Like most things in life. when thinking about exercise, we can turn to kids to see how to do it right. If you’ve ever spent any time around children, you know that you frequently find yourself saying things like:

  • Don’t climb on that!
  • Slow Down!
  • Sit still!
  • No running!

Moving fast, keeping their bodies in motion, and burning calories is what kids do best.  In fact, I often joke, I wish someone had to tell me to stop running so much!

Whether it’s participating in organized sports or just sprinting down the grocery store aisles, children have an innate need to move. They are constantly “working” on their physical fitness without even realizing it. Their exercise almost always comes in the form of fun and playing.

So when does that change? At what point does physical fitness become a chore for us? And how can we be more like children and approach exercise like play, rather than a necessary evil to reach a fitness or weight loss goal.

I myself am completely guilty of dreading exercise. It is usually an afterthought in my life and something I think of as a mandatory “have to” and not a “want to.” I have spent much time being jealous of people who describe exercise as their “me time” or something that they love. I wouldn’t describe myself as a couch potato, but I’m the furthest thing from a gym rat or marathon runner you will ever find.

But recently, something changed. After accepting a 30 day Yoga Challenge in January that has now turned into 70 Yoga sessions completed for the year (Namaste, y’all!), I kinda found my exercise groove. At first I was proud of my accomplishment, but then I told myself that my form of exercise doesn’t really count because I’m not doing hard core HIIT workouts everyday or logging miles on a fancy stationary bike. I was conditioned to the “No pain, no gain” mentality about fitness. When in reality, finding what works for YOU, what YOU look forward to, and what YOU have fun doing, is the best type of “working out.”

Canva - Person Performing Exercise

Maybe the key to approaching exercise like kids, is just a matter of finding what’s fun. Maybe we all will find ourselves moving more if we do it in a way that works for us, and not what works for everyone else. This process of finding a form of exercise that we actually look forward to can take time. (It took me about 37 years, people.) But, if we find ways to keep our bodies in motion because it’s an activity we look forward to, and not just for the purpose of attaining a specific fitness goal, we’re more likely to stick with it.

No one has to remind a kid to jump on a trampoline or ride their bike. They just do it because they love it. If you are a person that genuinely loves a sweaty, high tempo, tough gym workout, then go for it! But if you are a person who gets joy from a 3 mile walk on the beach while listening to an audio book, then do it and don’t feel anything less than proud of yourself. Moving your body and being happy about it is the goal.  Find the thing that doesn’t feel like a chore. Find the thing that makes you feel like a kid. And, as my favorite Yogi instructor always says, “Find what feels good.”



What’s Heaven Like?

You ever wonder what Heaven is like? Do you ever imagine the endless possibilities of what it could be? Have you ever asked your kids what they picture when they think of Heaven? It’s a real peek into their hearts.

Recently the topic of Heaven came up in our house at bedtime. Here’s what my boys came up with:

In Heaven, you can ask for anything you want and it will appear. You can just shout, “Taco! Rainbow! Football!” And it will just be there.

In Heaven we get to play with all of our dogs and our cat who died. Our family will be there too.

In Heaven the ground and the sky will all be white fluffy clouds. Well, except for all the rainbows.

In Heaven we’ll hear music all the time. 

Bless it all. Their hearts. Their simplicity. Their eternal optimism of what’s to come in life. May we all be like children.

Is this Heaven_




Remember MySpace, everyone? Wait, are you all old enough to know what MySpace was? I’m so old that I never made a MySpace account because I couldn’t figure it out. Thankfully my friends were cool enough to help usher me into the Facebook world circa 2008ish. And that’s still a current and hip thing, ammiright?

Anywho, here’s the current, I’m a mom who still wishes she had her 8 year old self’s bedroom, space. Basically I kicked my hubby out of his office that he obviously didn’t need as much as me, and carved out a little corner of the world for myself that makes me feel like a kid with a brand new trapper keeper and some fresh Lisa Frank stickers. Truth be told, my boys and I share this room so it serves a dual purpose as an office for all of us. (Chris has his space in a dark corner of the guest room- he’s fine, you guys.)


I write here. I lesson plan here. I keep all my classroom books here. I display my favorite cheesy/pretty things here. I yoga here. I use all my fancy Flair Pens here. It is the little things in life, folks. Carve out your space. A corner of the closet. Half of your guest room. That awkward space in your kitchen. Just find your happy spot that lets your creative juices flow like they did when you were a kid! MySpace may not be cool anymore, but your space will never go out of style.



No happy space is complete without your faithful pooch.