Meet Karen!

Hello friends! Here’s all the important things you need to know about me: I wave and say hello to all dogs I pass. I scream out loud if I see a dolphin at the beach. I throw a fit if I don’t get a Publix cake for my birthday…bonus points if it has a mermaid on it. My perfect dinner party would include Ina Garten, Betty White, and my Grandma Dot. I live for British T.V. shows and so desperately want tea time to be a daily thing in the states. I teach because I love kids more than adults. Also, I adore school supplies and making plans. I buy myself fresh flowers on the regular. My favorite color is yellow. I laugh easily and have an affection for sarcasm. If a Disney song comes on, I am singing. My greatest accomplishment is marrying a man who loves to dance with me. I come from a family that never takes themselves too seriously and I like to surround myself with people that do the same. I write because it offers an opportunity to speak my mind and focus my attention on things that matter to me. My boys are the sun, moon, and every star. I am not sure when I’ll finally be a grown up, but I hope it’s never.